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Quaternary landscape evolution of the European Alps
This PhD position will apply recently developed techniques based on electron spin resonance and luminescence dating to selected sites in the European Alps, to better constrain the timing and processes of glacial valley formation.
The project will involve fieldwork in Switzerland, France and Italy as well as extensive lab work and some numerical modelling. Full training will be provided for both ESR/Luminescence dating and the modelling aspects of the project.
The PhD candidate will work in close collaboration with other group members focused on the development of the ESR method and numerical models for the technique’s application in geomorphological research. 
For any questions and for further details of the project please contact Georgina King ( To apply, please go the UNIL Human Resources webpage. 

This positions is part of the 5-year European Research Council funded project ICED – Impact of Climate on Mountain Denudation. The closing date for both positions is May 20th 2020 with an anticipated start date of October 2020.
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