09 juillet 2024

IS Landslides 2024, Chambéry (France), 8-12 Juillet 2024

Landslides across the scales: from the fundamentals to engineering applications
This topic will be addressed through the following items:
  • Multiscale constitutive modeling for soils and rocks
  • Weathering effects on soils and rocks destabilization
  • Permafrost and ground stability
  • Survey techniques
  • Modeling of soil and rock hazards
  • Recent progress in numerical tools for landslide modeling
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Modeling and design of protective structures
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques applied to slope engineering
  • Make researchers, authorities and companies working together and involve inhabitants
  • Case studies
09 juil. 202413 juil. 2024
Chambéry (Savoie, France)

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